Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jersey Shore: Angelina and Vinny smash

Thursday's 'Jersey Shore' was a Staten Island smoosh fest. There was fighting, crying, drinking, and the eventually sweet, sweet love-making from the most unlikely couple.

The all-Staten duo of Angelina and Vinny smashed one night after a drunken bout of partying - even though they were battling the entire episode and Vinny didn't even buy her a Fossil watch or anything.

In the midst of the Staten smoosh, Situation and Paulie tried to brand Angelina the Staten Island Dump which is obviously copyright infringement, but we can't really get into it (our lawyers are working on this)

In the end, the episode taught us a lesson about guidos on Staten Island.

When we are drunk we'll never pass up the opportunity the bang a hot chic, cute dude, guidette, juicehead, grenade, bottom of the sneaker. The are no limits or laws on Staten Island. No rules except the ones we impose upon ourselves.

This is what makes us such great fodder for reality TV. Our self righteous attitude is so palpable, it almost justifies itself.  We don't even have to act like assholes, because we already are.

Angelina and Vinny were having a great time that night. They'll probably wake up and pretend it never happened - or not remember it at all. Whatever, that's how we do out here.

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