Monday, September 27, 2010

Worst landlord ever?

Guess this guy's not getting his security deposit back.

When 27-year-old Carlos Rivera was shot down in the relatively-peaceful neighborhood of Sunnyside on Friday rumors abound as to who done it.

Was it a drug deal gone wrong? Something to do with his Latin sounding name? Might Sunnyside Staten Island turning into Sunnyside, Queens?

It turns out it may have been none of these things, and the attack may have been directed by the young man's landlord.

According to the Daily News "police said there was an ongoing argument between the landlord and Rivera's mother over whether the son was on the lease."

Maybe he could have just turned to radio down a couple of notches.

On a side note: we promise to pay our rent on time this month, and no more wild parties - scout's honor.


  1. Landlord that Snoops

    My friend is renting an apartment on Ridgewood Avenue between Wilson and Lamoka in Eltingville. He doesn't have access to get his own mail, the landlord has a mailbox with a key. The key is not shared with the tenant. He asked the landlord if he could have a mailbox and the landlord said no. Because it wouldn't look good in front of his home. This is a violation to the tenants rights. The landlord retrieves the mail, brings it upstairs, opens the mail, reseals it. When he is good and ready brings the mail down to the side of the home. There is a door that swings open to where the tenant lives. At the entrance to this apartment is a mailbox. The mail is placed their. What is truly sad is how landlords get away with these kinds of things. The United Postal Service don't want to be involved. When people move into an apartment they need to ask questions about their mail. Their are many great tenants out their, yet some landlords take advantage of anything. Believing that they will not fight back--Sad misconception.

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