Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lincoln Restler and the hipsters take over Brooklyn politics

After a lengthy lingering count from last week's primary, upstart young Allen Ginsberg look-a-like Lincoln Restler won an election for some political committee thing in Williamsburg and Fort Greene, Brooklyn.

"This is a tremendous victory for the reform movement in Brooklyn," Restler told the Brooklyn Paper.

Why is this important? Well, Restler took on the Democratic machine and the big fat political boss Vito Lopez. Restler had support from the blogs (do they hold the future of political fortunes?) and he pulled out the newbie residents, young professionals, and trustafarians who live in Williamsburg.

And Restler is just part of the New Kings Democrats coalition.

It's nice to see a neighborhood rally around young idealists who are concerned with fringe causes like the 'environment,' 'public health,' and 'issues of development.'

Will the North Shore of Staten Island ever start throwing some young progressives in the political ring? Or, will everyone keep moving away when they find enlightenment in the outer reaches of Colorado and Jersey City?


  1. I am certainly hopeful that the youth vote could sway progress across the island. A new generation is currently coming of age into politics with fluency in blogs and sites like facebook. Considering the low-voter turnout in local elections, it's very possible to see hopeful young "fringe" candidates winning.

  2. btw, that remark about 'fringe' was intentionally snide. I personally think those are important issues, but others (Vito Lopez, perhaps) dismiss them.

    good point about the low turnout in these low elections. the primary numbers were anemic. let's hope that doesn't carry on the Nov.