Sunday, September 5, 2010

Rally brings out Vito Fossella, some other dudes

There was a rally today outside the firehouse and memorial in Concord, Staten Island - something about 9/11 and Sharia Law, not really clear on that.

Supposedly, everybody was there: Carl Paladino, Mike Allegretti, David Malpass, Peter King, and even good ol' Vito Fossella.

Although Fossella led the rally, he maintained that he's not running for office.

Dennis McKeon of the Where to Turn group was in attendance as well. He reiterated his position that a rally against the Park51 mosque on 9/11 was in bad taste. This did not go over well with the angry crowd.

Mostly, the rally was a peaceful way for people to express their opposition to religious freedom and hatred of Islam.

It was a great place to bring the kids on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Happy Labor Day weekend, everybody!

Someone sent us this video of the gathering. Watch at your leisure.


  1. My shirt says "I did not know one thing about Islam before 9/11 but everything I do know about Islam has been nothing but pure hatred (due to forced ignorance of my part.)"

  2. she reminds me of that guy in the Onion piece