Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hey Mike Grimm: Your primary is coming up

Just a friendly reminder.

We wanted to take a minute and tell Mike Grimm that the Republican primary for Congress on Staten Island is September 14th.

It turns out that the the candidate for New York's 13th District has never actually voted in the primary for the very office he is running for.

His opponent, Mike Allegretti, mentioned this inconvenient fact at a 'Grimm-no-vote' press conference on the steps of borough hall, flanked by veterans. Then the Advance verified it, by asking Grimm.

"That's true," he told the Ad-vance. "I never voted in a primary."

And, as Allegretti pointed out at the smackdown:

"Who really knows him? We simply know the story that he is telling us."

It turns out that Mike Grimm ran a few restaurants into the ground after leaving the FBI, but is the candidate even from Staten Island?

If he's never voted in a primary here, has he voted somewhere else? Where was he registered? Queens? Manhattan? Rudy Giuliani's vacation house?

Someone look into this, we've got (part-time) day jobs.


  1. Lies. Along with this liberal blog, all lies. You FAIL to tell the truth of the story. The truth is that Grimm has never voted in a primary because he was never a politician. He's a small guy like the rest of us here on Staten Island that wants to change thingsin Washington. The classic let's save my campaign tactic from Allegretti, and the classic let's post this because I know he's going to win the primary and he will be up against my guy McMahon. The last thing NY, especially Staten Island needs is another liberal like YOU!

  2. You don't need to be a politician to vote in a Primary--do you not even KNOW what a primary is?!?!?! Grimm is in office now, doesn't even LIVE on staten Island and those who voted for him will regret it forever.