Sunday, May 9, 2010

Can we get some boats with breaks please?

Startin to think SI is getting the short end o' the Apple stem.

As you might be well aware there is no subway out here. The Verrazano Bridge has like a 14 dollar toll. And now this.

We know last time the ferry crashed the guy behind the wheel was three painkillers to the wind, but this time it seems to have been a 'mechanical failure.'

They started this big investigation. They can't seem to figure out why the damn thing wouldn't stop before it slammed into the dock.

Along with the Express Buses, the Staten Island Ferry remains one of the Island's most important modes of commuting to Manhattan for Islanders.

The service includes five boats, over 100 trips daily, and 65,000 passengers a day.

"As for changes in ridership, last year was an all-time high," said Monty Dean, from the Department of Transportation, when we spoke with him a few months back.

"We had approximately 21 million passengers using the ferry last year."

That's a shit load of people. Can we get some boats with breaks please? thanks.

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