Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who is Dan Donovan?

Dan Donovan is currently the District Attorney for Staten Island and wants to run for Attorney General of New York State.

But, who the hell is Dan Donovan?

That's exactly what nine out of 10 Staten Islanders would ask if you stopped them in the street and told them the news.

And the one guy out of 10 who 'knows' him is really thinking of Dan O'Donovan, the old bartender from Jimmy Max.

But Dan Donovan has made a name for himself in the gotham politics. And it even looks like billionaire Bloomberg himself will throw his monocle into the ring and endorse the DA if he runs.

Donovan's tenure on SI has been stellar.

Some of his success stories include bringing down a teenager who (allegedly) threatened to bomb the Apple Store in the SI Mall, and his great anti-shoplifting video (also at the mall).

Anyways, it's good to know he's keeping the mall safe. If Staten Islanders had to shop over in Brooklyn and Manhattan, we'd all look like an American Apparel ad instead of the cast from Jersey Shore.

Hopefully Donovan can become the top cop in New York and occupy the Attorney General's office, where they enjoy really expensive hookers.

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