Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everybody Loves (to make fun of) Staten: Elena Kagan edition

So the media found a great way to make fun of Staten Island this week.

Elena Kagan was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama, creating the possibility of four Supreme Court Justices from New York City. (We have a local angle!)

You see, nobody will read about the boring fact that Kagan was born in the Upper West Side, went to Hunter College High School, was editor of the Harvard Law review or served as White House Council under Bill Clinton.

That shit is boring.

What we really care about is that the court's nine member-panel already includes Sotomayor (Boogie Down Bronx) Ginsburg (Brooooklyn, ZOO) and Scalia (Queens? -- actually Trenton, NJ but play along).

So this would make Kagan the Manhattanite Justice and put a four borough caucus on the Supreme Court.

====insert Staten Island joke here=====

The New York Times kicked it off.
"William Treanor, the dean of Fordham Law School, said that for the first time in the court’s history, it would have four justices who grew up in New York City, representing every borough except Staten Island. "
Fair enough. The Daily News reaaaly ran with it:
"Chief Justice Ghostface Killah does have a certain ring to it."
 'Why Does Obama Hate Staten Island?' -Mother Jones
Great. How about a funny zen koan that includes a Wu-tang quote:
"Old age, treachery, and trending away from being an activist court, the ability to protect one's mothafuckin' neck."
Then there was the fairly obvious sarcasm form New York Magazine:
Indeed, in a perfect world, one Supreme Court seat would be reserved for each of New York's boroughs, and then the rest of the 300 million people in the country could split the other four seats among themselves. That's the only fair way to do this thing.
Hilarious, you guys.

Now that the 24-hour news cycle has died down. The Supreme Staten Island story will die a quick death and everyone can go back to ignoring us.

At least until Vito Fossella decides to spend less time with his families (plural) and return to politics.

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