Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staten Island can't say 'no' to Vito Fossella

It’s like Christmas in May.

Vito Fossella, the Don Draper of Staten Island, has just been endorsed by an executive committee of the SI GOP for the Republican nomination to get his old job back as congressman.

Mike Allegretti and Mike Grimm showed up for an interview with the committee at the Roadhouse in Sunnyside. Both have been campaigning hard for this position.

But the Island GOP smacked them in the face.

The vote: 23 - 4

Not even close. They just can not say "no" to this fucking guy.

What happens now?

We think Vito needs to accept or decline.

Then Vito can battle Mike McMahon in steel cage match for the 13th seat in the 2010 election.

For the love of God, come back Don Draper. We need you.

(update: Wrobleski is reporting that SI kingmaker Guy Molinari wants Grimm to challenge Fossella in a primary. An effin primary!?)

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