Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mikey in the middle, Vito Fossella's back?

Everybody wants Mike McMahon's congressional seat.

McMahon is a freshman Democrat representing the 13th district in New York which includes all of Staten Island and a few Brooklyn neighborhoods.

There are two other Mike's who want his seat.

Former FBI agent and Gulf War Veteran Mike Grimm.

Former Brooklynite and all-around nice guy Mike Allegretti.

And, now, possibly, former congressman and dapper dan Vito Fossella.

Vito is beloved on Staten Island. In fact, he reportedly got a standing ovation at a recent GOP event, according to Advance reporter Tom Wrobleski.

Now, the Daily News says that Vito "may get into the race.”

Maybe we can put that whole love child situation behind once and for all.

How about it Staten Island? What do you say? Can we forgive Vito?

(btw, props to Flint for getting the best picture of McMahon eva.)

1 comment:

  1. No. Fuck Vito Fossella. Lied to his wife, family and his constituents. I really hope Staten Island doesn't forget what a piece of shit this guy is.