Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye to the Cromwell Center

When the pier holding the Cromwell Center above the New York Harbor crumbled like a building of lego blocks word started to spread that this could be a big tragedy.

Were their children inside? Is anyone trapped? Is this a "shopping pier"!? (Queens Crap changed the headline)

Luckily, the Cromwell Center has been closed recently, meaning that the center was not packed with kids when it collapsed. Sadly however, the real tragedy is more nuanced than a screaming tabloid headline can bear.

The recreational center held multiple rooms including a basketball court, boxing gym and computer lab. Along with the public swimming pool across the way, the location was a major destination for kids on the North Shore during those sweltering summer months.

But the site was closed in April due to "renovations."

The building has been neglected a left in a state of disarray for some time. When it closed last month locals were left wondering if and when it would be open again.

All this while posh co-ops are being built right next store for young urban professionals who want to live in a pricey apartment with Manhattan just a half-hour ferry ride away.

The city finds money for lots of stupid shit, especially for people who vote. Can we throw these people a bone and give them a decent place for their kids to play that won't break and fall apart into the ocean, floating away in a thousand pieces over to Bay Ridge.

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