Monday, May 10, 2010

Mission Statement

We here at The Dump want to inform and possibly entertain Staten Island and, maybe, in the process enlighten the rest of the city (world?) about some of the finer aspects of this misunderstood borough.

We have touched on some of these tropes in the past: guido culture, white people, politics, indie rock, hipsters, sports, art, crime, fine dining.

We can not figure out Google Analytics. (We had our entire staff working 24/7 on this but just can't seem to crack it.)

But, we are pretty sure we have somewhere between 10 and 17 avid readers.

So to those people we'd like to ask a question:

What should the Dump focus on more?

We want to hear from the loyal readers. We promise to give the best in-depth reporting you can find on a shitty Staten Island blog.

 Again, we could totally ignore what you people vote on, but at least your voice will be heard (then politely ignored).

So, what will it be? The poll is posted. The onus is on you, dumpers.

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