Friday, May 21, 2010

A few reasons to see Audiometry tonight

So instrumental rock band Audiometry is playing at The Cup tonight.

The Cup is a refurbished venue on Van Duzer street. Here are some reasons why you should go:

1. This band is actually good.
2. The Cup has a real, working sound system.
3. There is a stage!
4. It's only 5 to 10 bucks
5. They might serve alcohol, now.

Here's the line-up:
Phoebe Blue
Kites of Saturn

Check out the goods below.

Sounds like:
think Radiohead without less 'god-awful pretentious'. think Explosions in the Sky but more jagged, less pristine. think shorter Godspeed. think Bach. think atonal. think post-Wagner. think 1,000 tons of impending doom about to descend on the pates of one hundred mercenaries.

Audiometry - Live at Cargo Cafe


  1. Hey, new here. found your site through Silive - it was linked up there, on Ben Johnson's blog. I'm a huge Johnson fan.

    Looking forward to more posts

  2. thanks. we are fans of huge Johnsons as well. but, remember, it's not the size of the boat...