Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What's next for Staten Island's music scene?

There is a symposium tonight on the future state on SI music. We are sure this will be an enlightening discussion on the vibrant possibilities of this burgeoning local scene.

Date: Tuesday, May 25, 2010
Time: 7:30pm - 9:30pm
Location: Cargo Cafe, 120 Bay St.

So, what's next for the SI music scene anyhow? We came up with a few potential scenarios.

1. nothing... jk

2. nothing. no srsly. for real, nothing.

3. local 'buzz band' hits it big on the blog circuit

4. said 'buzz band' moves to Brooklyn, denies ever living on SI.

5. Cymbals Eat Guitars books show at Martini Red

6. Cymbals cancels show

7. new venue opens up

8. venue closes down.

9. COAHSI holds another panel

10. The Headlocks get played on the radio

11. The Headlocks break up

12. The Headlocks get back together

13. Rich Russo gets people mad about something.

14. Guy starts local blog

15. nobody reads it

16. Guy shuts down blog

17. A few decent, though cheesily derivative bands, make it 'big' as the Island still languishes as the one boro that doesn't have a vibrant, self-sustaining music scene -- mainly because the infrastructure just doesn't exist but also because the 'fans' needed to support such a scene simply aren't there or are not reliable. This inevitably leads to a defeatist attitude on the part of the bar owners, record producers, and guitar pickers. All parties involved devote their energies/promotional materials to off-island gigs while the local shows attract only (some) local people, local talent, The Island perpetually continues down the insular path it has been on since 1998. 


  1. Too bad the public transportation sucks in SI. That's the main reason why the scene is so desolate. It'd be nice to perform original music in SI but unless you have a lot of friends that live on the island, you're not going to get a good turnout.

  2. Back in joint/ rock palace days there were plenty of people supporting the scene and multiple shows a night. There was a much shitter publictransit then and no Internet ... I always assumed it would keep Getting
    better. Wow I was wrong

  3. I was there. I floated the idea of maybe doing another Rock The Harbor except bigger - like a week long. Something that'll really make people take notice.

  4. Did anyone talk about the need for a real venue?
    seriously , the back of the red is a prertypoor excuse for a venue