Tuesday, May 11, 2010

How to comment on the Dump

Look, we don't ask for much. Or anything for that matter.

You see, TV is a mass medium. Newspapers are dying. Magazines don't give a shit about you.

The internet is a new place were vibrant communication can take place (or, not).

People will increasingly choose to define or identify with a certain place, art form, niche food stuffs, sexbots, by what they read -- and inevitably they will read this content over the new media known as the internets.

Well, that was a long wind-up, but we've had a long day.

Here's a guy who gets it. He found this site, perused it, left an epic comment that the rest of you assholes should aspire to duplicate in some form. That's right we are talking to you.

Here is the comment made on a classic Dump post from waaay back in March called L'douchebag comes to Staten Island
"I have had to take the ferry many times between 1pm and 3pm when it is jammed packed with tourists and I usually just play my music and ignore them but sometimes assholes like him ruin my day I one time got into a fight with a group of tourists because I was standing on the deck of i believe the newhouse just hiding in the corner enjoying the breeze and I was told I was standing in the "picture taking spot and unless i was taking pictures i should move" it took every ounce of control i had not to throw that fanny pack wearing douche from iowa overboard in short I HATE TOURISTS And the picture taking ass holes that ride the ferry."
 - anonymous   May 10, 2010 7:38 PM

Notice the passion, the detail, the poignant accuracy of 'fanny pack wearing douche from iowa'.

The Dump never deleted a comment (yet) and we hope we never have to.

But SI has to step up their game if they want to avoid the gross mischaracterization of this place in the mainstream media.

If the conversation doesn't take place here we hope it does somewhere else.


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  2. LOL Cat photos seem to work so I think you are on the right track!