Saturday, June 19, 2010

Advice to Midland Beach protestors

Looks like the concerned citizens of Midland Beach will be at it again this Sunday.

You guys really let us down last time, so in an effort to be 'constructive,' we decided to give you a little unsolicited advice for this week's protest.

1. don't say 'mooslim.' It's Muslim. Mooslim makes you sound like an Alabama redneck.

2. leave the American flags home. They're not necessary.

3.organize/call - everyone you know, make this big!

4. signs. big, hand-made. clear and concise, maybe even a bit funny. lots of signs.

5. stay on message. decide beforehand what that message is, but stick with it.

6. press: choose one of your most informed, well-spoken members and let them do the talking.

7. make this between you and the church, leave the MAS out of it.

8. get a lawyer.

9. read a book


  1. *snort* right on!

    my thing is, considering the neighborhood, there's going to be some dumbass who thinks he's going to be an "american hero" or some other insane malarkey and he would try to set fire to the mosque. this would put several other homes/businesses in danger. how is that good for the neighborhood?

  2. So out of fear of a few 'dumb-asses' we should all be ignorant racists? A climate of fear and hatred would hardly be better for the neighborhood than a few new faces. Just choose your fight: is it against idiotic racists, or against peaceful Muslims?