Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Staten Islanders don't like Muslims

We understand that the people of Midland Beach, Staten Island have every right to oppose something they believe will destroy the fabric of their neighborhood.

But the extreme naivety and baseless, misinformed attacks on the planning of a mosque in the neighborhood shows nothing less than blatant xenophobia, unwavering ignorance, and flat-out intolerance.

A lot of the attacks have come in clever winks and nods: 'they sold the property without approval,' we don't know anything about this organization, they are associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (which means they're terrorists) and, by the way, they will impose Sharia law on America(!).

Tomorrow a planned civic meeting in the neighborhood has brought the ire of locals, some channeling their rage through SILive comment threads which have since been deemed offensive and deleted.

Ayman Hammous, a South Beach resident and member of the Muslim American Society board, told the Advance that the rumors and innuendo was the stereotyping of "Islamophobes." 

But the Advance has done their own work in fanning the flames by publishing the innuendo, specifically the unfounded terrorism-related charges. Albeit, using roundabout terms like "Intrigue" while preemptively denying any charges of racism. 
In 2004, an investigation by the Chicago Tribune determined that MAS was created by the Muslim Brotherhood in the service of its ultimate goal: To put the U.S. under sharia, or Muslim law.                   - SI Advance
This is fear mongering at is basest form and will only inflame and further confuse the already misguided residents of Midland Beach.

First off: to the 'bloggers' and journalist. Don't make bullshit accusations. If you think they are true, do your own investigating. Don't you get paid for that?

To the residents: we sympathize with your plight. You are worried about the destruction of the values you hold near and dear. But, if you don't want a mosque in the neighborhood, just say it. You either will accept brown, foreign, non-Christian people, worshipping in your neighborhood or you won't. Stop trying to hide behind these ridiculous non sequiturs. Just come out and say it: We don't like Muslims.

You'll feel much better once you do.


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  2. Say xenophobe one more time motherfucker. I dare you--I double dare you!

    I'll tell you what; sometimes you gotta go right at these terrorists with a little bit of terrorism yourself. I just posted on their community forum telling them my feelings about their setting up shop. So I don't think they'll be buying that church anytime soon.

  3. I'll take your dare, Anonymous xenophobe. You obviously missed the part about them NOT being terrorists because you were too busy being afraid to notice

  4. Whatever I'm taking this over to Silive. New post up about this Mosquerade*.

    *Look out for that one over there

  5. NY Times piece on the subject (6/11/10): http://www.nytimes.com/2010/06/11/nyregion/11mosque.html