Saturday, June 5, 2010

Staten Island Yankee gets robbed by hookers

Well this is embarrassing.

When Patrick Daneker, a pitching coach for the unfortunately-named Staten Island Yankees, went partying with some sluts down in Tampa he woke up to find some money and his World Series ring missing -- apparently as part of his 'payment' for services rendered.

Daneker, who must really like to party, claims he doesn't remember everything -- except for the fact that the women were wearing short mini-skirts and that he "messed around" with them.

Well, it depends on how you define "messed around."

According to the Daily News report, the hotel clerk at the Holiday Inn saw Daneker arrive at the hotel with some scantily clad ladies around 3 a.m. -- he then immediately hit the ATM.

Next, 15 minutes later(!), the clerk says the women left.

Looks like the SI Yankee struck out. Either Daneker has a real quick trigger or he just got flat-ripped off without even hittin' that shit.

Then again, he is a pitching coach.

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