Monday, June 28, 2010

Play Me I'm Yours at the Staten Island Ferry

We were a little skeptical when we heard they were strategically placing (working) pianos all over New York City, including Staten Island -- homeless people? pigeons? Ingrid Michaelson?

Nah, jk. But seriously it sounded like this was an idea that could go horribly wrong.

However, the Play Me I'm Yours exhibit has brought an unexpected raft of talent to these randomly placed pianos and in the process made an almost quixotic communal experience for all the commuters and tourists who stumble upon them.

We haven't heard of any incidents and even one couple decided to get married at one.

Even SI is getting in the mix as the Times did on piece on this guy who just killed it at the Ferry terminal.

And check out this little dude down here. Makes you wish you took lessons as a kid.


  1. wow i'll have to look out for some vids of this. very cool.

  2. I admit that I thought this was a lame art installation project, kind of like those multi-colored cows that littered the city a few years ago, but I do enjoy the fact that these pianos are functional and people are taking advantage of their presence in a way to bring music to the everyday life of the commuter.

  3. hell yeah, i wanna bring out a drum kit and jam we just need some mcees