Friday, June 4, 2010

Left-wingers start coup on Staten Island

So, there are left-wing activists on Staten Island? Who woulda thunk it?

Here's a video from Next Left Notes, a local gang involved in radical concepts like peace, human rights, freedom of religion, and country music.

They were protesting in front of Congressman McMahon's office just because a few people got killed for no good reason.

They are even trying to help build that terrorist recruiting center, otherwise known as a 'mosque,' in Midland Beach.

The only fringe groups we accept on this Island are the rabid righties.

Who do these hippies think they are anyways?


  1. What are you so naive that you never heard of radical groups protesting for peace where it suits their agenda?

    And fuck that mosque.
    Seriously, what if one of your kids decided to date a muslim?

  2. Yeah I'm all for protesting a war and stuff like that, but I'm not gonna do it in the name of some muslim expansionist group

  3. I enjoy sarcasm AND peace -- thanks for posting this