Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Confirmed: Guidos are homoerotic

We came up with this crazy theory a while back that guidos are homoerotic. Now it's been confirmed, by the Village Voice.

The weekly alt-mag has a new cover which displays these tanned, shaved, muscular pseudo-heteros under the preposterous title: The Queer Issue.

The Voice has all the gory details, including incriminating photos and the well-documented GayOrJersey.blogspot.com and worse of all, quotes from gay Italians.

 “It’s never mentioned. That’s the mentality still for Italian families—homosexuality isn’t OK.”

Wait, (some) Italians are gay!

This is a bombshell development. What kind of ramifications will this have for Staten Island? Will the residents of Midland Beach, off some fresh race-bashing, extend their hate-and-fear mongering and go after the Island's first gay establishment (which is also in Midland Beach and used to be a strip club, but no one seemed to mind, 'cause both are white I guess?).

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  1. was hoping for something better about this subject from the premier anti-stattenisland-stattenislander blog. Headline's not smart, nor the rambling about whatever strip club or whatever.