Friday, June 25, 2010

New York Mets: Small ball, big park

The New York Mets are perennial underdogs, sort of like Staten Island.

After a disappointing start to their Citi Field career the team has made some adjustments this year, which may have accounted for their recent success.

It may be that they have adapted to their new (big) stadium and are playing a version of the game sometimes referred to as small ball.

With 26 wins at Citi Field the Mets are tied for the best home record in the majors despite the fact that the team has only hit 59 home runs, 11th in the league. (David Wright, the team's leading home run hitter is in 18th place with 12 dingers -- 2 at home.)

They've managed to win with players like Angel Pagan, Francouer, Ike Davis, and Reyes because they've been spraying the ball all over Citi Field racking up singles, doubles and 20 triples all together.

The park is huge, a home run hitters nightmare. Jason Bay, who had 36 home runs last year with the Boston Red Sox, has 4 this year. But Bay along with Wright, Davis and Reyes are all hitting well over .300 in the stadium.

Not to overlook the team's stellar pitching (R.A. Dickey!) but it seems that offensive has traditionally plagued the Metropolitans and this may signal a resurgence.

Looking forward, I know there is a lot of speculation about picking up a new ace pitcher but what about another quick, sure-footed .300 hitter? One who can hit to all fields and doesn't simply rely on the long ball.

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