Monday, June 21, 2010

Midland Beach celebrates 4th of July early

Real patriots don't wait until the Fourth of July.

The good people of Midland Beach decided to celebrate the 4th early yesterday as more than 100 people took to the streets with red-white-and-blue-themed decor to spread the holiday cheer.

Waving to cars and passers-by, the residents displayed nothing but affection for their country as they shouted some patriotic slogans, which were indecipherable to this reporter.

The event marked what seems to be a weekly show of support for all things "traditional" and "American."

These colors don't run


  1. They are saying NO Mosque, NO Sale.

  2. wow, i didnt think it was possible for this to get more embarrassing...
    i like how the coptic christians opened a banner, then everyone decided brown people were not allowed to join the protest.

  3. because Midland Beach generally lacks farm animals, I'd guess these protesters are all sexually frustrated (I can tell by how 'patriotic' they are)