Sunday, June 13, 2010

Which side are the terrorists?

Hey guys. This Midland Beach mosque story is quite the barn burner. (Or, mosque burner, depending on whom you ask).

Some people are so worked up they are out there protesting -- with signs and everything.

The local media has done story after story. A follow-up. An explanation. A half-assed column. NY1 has been on this too.

Anyway, it's starting to get confusing; just wanted to touch base and clarify a few things.

So far, there are two sides of this conflict.

One seems to be the honest, hard-working, real Americans who live in Midland Beach.

The other side are the brown people who are terrorists trying to come into Staten Island and impose Sharia law on everybody.

We were just keeping up on the news tonight, and we came across this comment on SILive:

We are a bit confused. What side is Mr. Soprano on?

We know that the brown people trying to impose Sharia Law are the terrorists, so why is Jimmy Soprano threatening to burn down the mosque in a terror-like rage?

We have been following this story religiously, is it possible we missed something along the way?

Could it be that the white people are the terrorists? Trying to scare the Muslims off the island with their threats and shouts and allegations and rallies and letters and anon comments.

(Update: Here's a video!)

Why are they waving American flags??

Good Americans? or white terrorists?


  1. Now that's a comment.
    Btw, the MAS site is down for construction.

  2. it's pretty characteristic racism to me, on the part of the Midland Beach Welcoming Committee: they're full of fear, hate and anger, and have no fucking idea what they're talking about.

  3. This is terrible. I would've cussed them out if I saw that.

  4. Good Americans are white terrorists.