Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bros before pols: Staten Island Libertarian Party


Forget the professionals like Mike McMahon (incumbent Democrat, former city councilman), Mike Grimm (FBI agent, fought in the Gulf War), and Allegretti (Bay Ridge, represent!). Why votes for pros when you can vote for bros?!

Last night a press release came across the Staten Island Dump fax machine announcing the Staten Island Libertarian Party 2010 candidates.

Then, over on the interwebs ChrisDAPS told us that the party's congressional candidate Tom Vendittelli is also the lead singer for the awesomely local cover group Man Down.

This is possibly the most exciting Staten Island political news since Vito Fossella decided not to embarrass his family, anymore.

We can’t wait to hear more from Vendittelli.

We love to find out more about this platform. Specifically:

- What’s a libertarian?

- Like a Liberian or librarian?

- You guys play “Free Bird”?

- Y’all like the Tea Party?

- How does any true libertarian support government programs like social security, Medicaid, ethanol subsidies, the FBI, IRS, USDA, or NEA?

Anyways, maybe if he gets elected we can make beer pong a national sport, or pass a congressional resolution designating Staten Island the 'Cover Band Capital of the World.'


  1. Find out a little more about Tom V at

    Considering the brain trust of the Staten Island Libertarian Party contains members of no less than two local cover bands, it would make for one hell of a victory party!

    (And one of those bands is known to have done "Free Bird", albeit reluctantly...)

  2. Speaking as a Libertarian (and a candidate for NYS district 61), I would say that the overwhelming majority of Libertarians would not support things such as subsidies for ethanol.

    In fact, if you delve into it a bit further, you will discover that in addition to being a recipient of government welfare and converting part of our vital food supply into fuel, ethanol is an absolutely crappy motor fuel.

    Seriously, it's horrible.

    It requires special engines to burn it, it's corrosive and thus requires special tanks and handling equipment, it's energy content is low, and the amount of energy gained from farming corn for ethanol is small, something like 1.1 units for every unit of input.

    Most Libertarians would instead remove any legislative restrictions for more viable alternatives, such as butanol!

    Butanol is similar to ethanol except you don't have to use food stocks to make it, an it requires no special modifications to use as a motor fuel (you can pour it in and drive), and the energy gained from production is substantially higher than ethanol. Check it out at

    Of course, you won't hear about butanol from Democrats or Republicans, because they are both "on the take" of the ethanol/'green' energy lobbies.

    But you'll hear about new energy production ideas and freedom-first government from Libertarians!

    -Dave Narby

  3. Cool, didn't know this blog was so well-rounded out; Libertarians, liberals, pro / anti-mosque...
    Let's from here set about to get to the bottom of everything!

  4. Hi

    1) What is a Libertarian? Ask 5 Libertarians, get 5 answers. I'll give you mine. Libertarians believe people have ownership over their own minds and bodies, and are free to do as they please, as long as they don't infringe on the rights of others.

    2) It's like none of those. At least, I'm pretty sure.

    3) We've been known to play the first few chords to sike people out.

    4) Which Tea Party are you referring to - local or national? The Tea Party is on the right track. I'm a big fan of people waking up to our Nanny State reality, so I dig this Tea Party movement.

    5) As a Libertarian or not, I really don't support any of those things. I'll be 25 in a week. If anyone my age thinks Social Security will be there for them when they need to retire, I suggest you start making alternative plans now. Johnson's "Great Society" gave us gems like Medicare - a program that has destroyed our medical system to the point that they had to introduce care rationing and compulsory purchase of a good to sustain the charade. I'm running in direct opposition to the entire concept of the income tax and the IRS. I could go on.

    I'm going to get some cool stuff up very soon platform-wise, so be on the lookout. Any time you want to talk, let me know.

    Tom Vendittelli

  5. i usually disagree with libertarians, but i have to give them credit at least they have a platform and are consistent unlike the tea party crowd.. in my opinion
    anyway, as far as I know, as a result of #1 above Harry Brown (lib. pres. candidate) and most libertarians support legalization of all drugs, prostitution and gambling.
    Do you also this support this Mr. V..
    if so you have my vote...
    fly on free bird!

  6. Sure do. Isn't it funny how organized crime and violence rise up around drugs, prostitution, and gambling? That's because they are illegal. Repeal the laws and you stop the organized crime. And you stop making regular people into "criminals".

  7. thanks Tom. will be def look forward to it -dump