Saturday, June 19, 2010

Diane Savino gets a little help from her friends

Remember Diane Savino?

She is the intrepid state senator who bravely went against the traditional ethos of the boro to make a passionate plea for equal marriage rights for the gays in New York State.

Savino was a YouTube hit, and she changed the common perception of us as an island of rubes -- for at least a week.

Well now according to Politico, Savino's gay friends are coming back to give her a little fundraising boost.

An LGBT group is organizing a Fire Island Pines fundraiser. ooh, Sounds like fun!

Here's what the invitation says:

"Some people say they are for gay rights. Some people fight for them. When marriage came to a vote in the New York State Senate, Senator Diane Savino fought for us."

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