Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Are there Juggalos on Staten Island?

You may have heard that there was a Gathering of the Juggalos recently.

What are 'Juggalos,' you say? Well basically, this generation's metal heads, or goths maybe, but with way more abandonment issues.

The Juggalos went ape-shit at this year's concert, throwing bottles and crap at both Tila Tequila and Method Man (guess they only like white rappers).

We were wondering if there were any Juggalos on Staten Island - c'mon there has to be - but weren't sure where to find them.

Our research team came up with a few possible locations. If anyone sees a Juggalo at the following places please let us know.

Hot Topic
The first place we'd look is the Staten Island Mall - a hotbed of teen agnst. Hot Topic was once the store where misunderstood emo kids went to get their Smiths T-shirts. But who goes there now? Juggalos, perhaps?

Jim Hanley's Universe
Do Juggalos read comic books? Not sure. They look like they may have come from a graphic novel, so it's not a stretch to see them getting their inspiration from Manga or something.

Those crazy rock sculptures
Juggalos may have migrated to these crazy rock sculptures on the beaches of the South Shore. Could it be a satanic ritual? human sacrifice location? If not, they might just go there to smoke weed and make out with their Juggalette girlfriends.

The Cup
Open mic poetry night could be a possible location to discover Juggalos. Back in the '90s, the Cure-loving rejects usually wrote really bad poetry and tried to perform at some local coffee shop that catered to 16-year-olds. But do Juggalos write poetry or just bad rap music?

If anyone happens to see one, preferably in make-up and natural habitat, we recommend at least a Twitpic to document this phenomenon.


  1. We know where NOT to look: libraries, science labs, museums, anyplace where actual knowledge is disseminated. #fuckinmagnetshowdotheywork

  2. "guess they only like white rappers"

    That's a very ignorant thing to say. I guess you didn't see the great reception Tech n9ne got, two years in a row at the gathering. The Dayton family (all black group) said it's theri favorite place to perform. Warren G and others get great receptions. Even Ice Cube got a great reception, and he's a mainstream artist. Juggalo's usually don't like mainstream artists.

  3. @that last guy:

    You're right about us not catching the 'Tech n9ne' performance. missed that one. Also, we are pretty comfortable being ignorant about Juggalos.

    But about 'mainstream' artists. They seem to infiltrate all these festivals, and sometimes flop big time. (Kanye at Bonnaroo) ... wonder why the Juggalos would invite Tila Tequila,though? weird. Isn't that an accident waiting to happen? And is Method Man, mainstream?

  4. if you want to laugh youtube andrew wk's performance from a few years back...
    anyway its probably not worth analyzing why an adult who paints there face would throw a full beer can at one artist and not another. these people remind me of that movie idiocracy


    Also, that guy Scott James, I think. Let me do some reporting on that.

  6. Nope, not a juggalo. A clown, but not part of Insane Clown Posse.