Monday, August 9, 2010

If your wanna exploit Staten Island, you have to dress like a drag queen

State Senator Diane Savino and Assemblyman Matthew Titone really gave it to Ruben Diaz Sr. today after his attempt to exploit the local Hispanic community by showing up to feign his outrage against the attacks on Mexicans.

In fact, Titone pulled out a wig and high heels and said the following:
"If you’re going to act like a media whore on Staten Island, please have the courtesy to dress like one."
According to Capital Tonight, what really set off Titone was that local LGBT activists where told by Diaz's office that their participation in the event was not "necessary or welcome." Ouch.

This makes Titone's stunt all the more appropriate, as we don't need any one else coming here to score political points and using the victimized local community in an effort to repair their political reputation.

If only Titone could stop MTV from filming that Staten Island version of 'Jersey Shore.'


  1. I love summertime Diane Savino. letting that body breath -Damn!

  2. I know what you mean. Usually you see her trying to stuff all that bodaciousness into a long-sleeve turtle neck or something. I'm loving this look.