Friday, August 6, 2010

Skiffles, Rabbits, Soldiers and Anteaters

Who says nothing happens on Staten Island?

There's so much going on tonight that the Dump has tried to break it all down for you in interests of creating a greater Staten Island.

It's nice to see such a diverse group of acts doing their thing, as always, if we forgot anyone just send us a holla.

The House

This beatific Victorian farmhouse at the very end of Hylan Blvd is a great choice for some evening indie-folk. The Alice Austen House holds weddings and other events on their grounds, which overlooks the Verrazanno and views of the East River.

Tonight's 'Rock the House' event begins early, 7 pm, and is free, so there's really no reason not to go. It's kicks off with a DJ (PB?) before the mellow Beirut-like indie-folk of Vessels at 8. Next at 9 is Painting Soldiers, a brooding folk act that has an album produced by Sonic Youth's Lee Ranaldo - which is a catch, but have you ever heard Ranaldo's solo stuff, weird.

The Rabbits end off the Alice Austen 'Rock the' House show at 10 because, well, it's outside and they have neighbors.

The Red

At Martini Red, Staten Island premiere jug band, The Wahoo Skiffle Crazies, is throwing an album release party. The band has an adorable entourage of instruments (washboard, saw?) but good luck navigating the venue's morass of a sound system.

Also playing is Nick Williams and the Anteaters, booked as the Island's only rockabilly band, they're singer looks like a true greaser, ties DJ Matt Jokes for the best sleeve tattoos on the North Shore.

(update: It was unclear from their ambiguous Facebook invite, but it seems that local all-star hillbilly rock band, The Headlocks, are also playing tonight's show.)

The Cargo

But the night doesn't end there. Pablo is playing a big b-day bash show at the Cargo Cafe. DJs Dave Eliot and Matt Jokes (mentioned above) will be spinning the funky tunes all night, expect an extra-special set by Pablo. Old school drummer drummer Donato Fornabaio (Phallacy, Cattle Press) will be filling in and hopefully banging out some old stuff, plus the band promised some Zombies tunes, coming of their 'Odessey and Oracle' show.


  1. haha. i didnt know the headlocks were a hillbilly rock band. but i hear they got some really sweet new tunes...

  2. Yeah some of which we are playing tonight at Martini Red after the Wahoos set. We go on around 1 am i believe

  3. sheeyat! Im'a leave ma teefs out t'night!!

  4. yeee- haw. tonight's gonna be a barn-burner. can't wait to hear the new tunes

  5. I'm sure you know what the real "catching" things are, but maybe you should catch a clue somewhere. Painting Soldiers' not trying to hear it. And Oh, you possibly even know the definition of "brood", but I don't think so.

  6. i saw painting soldier live. and, lighten up, geez

  7. whatever dude