Sunday, August 8, 2010

Audiometry and Headlocks at the Cup

Sunday matinee anyone?

Well, more like an early evening of music at The Cup on Van Duzer.

Tonight's entertainment is the aforementioned all-star rock group, the Headlocks, playing with the melodic, classically-trained anthems of Audiometry.

The Headlocks are promising a whole set of new songs, and the Cup has, hands-down, the best sound out of all the other local watering holes (not for long), so it's a good time to whip out the new shiz.

As for Audiometry, well, we haven't seen the band play in a while and are anxiously awaiting an LP, EP, anything with strings would fit like a glove on the band's dramatic ebb and flow of intricate melodies.

6:30 Headlocks
7:30 Audiometry

The Cup
388 Van Duzer Street

Audiometry - Finitude

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