Thursday, August 12, 2010

Jersey Shore Halloween costumes look familiar

There are 'Jersey Shore' Halloween costumes on sale NOW -- which is ridiculous -- but it's amazing how similar they are to pretty much regular clothes people buy at the Staten Island Mall.

In fact, if your from Staten Island, just go over to your Facebook page and any one of those 'friends' you never spoke to in high school probably looks exactly like this.

There's a deluxe costume, which is pretty the same thing except a bit douchier. But the 'costumes' really look like outerwear for South Shore residents who frequent the Buddha Lounge.

There's a completely separate category for the Snooki costume, because -- has anyone noticed -- 80 percent of girls on Staten Island are dressing like Snooki now for some reason.

We are not sure if this is an intentional thing, or maybe this is just the style or something, help us out. But the look, in various stages goes like this: long black hair, short, short skirt/shorts, top with some sort of belt-like accessory to give the illusion of a waist.

Tell me you haven't seen this chic getting her car valet parked at Fushimi:

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