Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fox News exposes evil mosque funder

Fox News has been scaring the crap out of people with the narrative that this 'mosque' downtown - what's it called? - is being funded by some evil oversees people.

The Mornin' News crew at 'Fox and Friends' went on a tirade about a billionaire member of the Saudi Royal Family who is purportedly funding the Park51 project.

But as Jon Stewart points out, rather comically, this 'evil' Saudi man is Alwaleed bin Talal, "one of the biggest stakeholders in Rupert Murdoch's News Corp." (News Corp owns Fox)

What's really curious about this faux news cast is how the Fox crew does not mention his name, it's almost like they want people to hate the guy without finding out who he is, or that he is their boss.

Video after blummp:

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