Sunday, August 8, 2010

Oy Vey: Enough with the 'Jewish Money' story

First it was a flap, now it's a conspiracy. Tomorrow... the rapture?

That's right it's the little 'Jewish money' story that won't go away.

It started innocently - though idiotically - enough: a McMahon campaign aid tries to give a reporter the scoop on Mike Grimm's out-of-the-district fundraising.

A keen strategy except for one minor detail: the file was called 'Grimm Jewish Money Q2.' Honestly, what the f-- was she thinking?

The aid was swiftly fired (rightfully so) but the story doesn't end there.

The opposition tried in vain to make political hay out of this kerfuffle, with the always-reliable Tea Party releasing the most knee-slapping statement about it.

The quirky story got a good ride through the news cycle. That should be all, correct? No.

The Advance had a report Sunday which cited some anonymous source, idk Jimmy Soprano maybe, who says that maybe the aid was trying to 'sabotage the campaign' citing her former work with Republican Guy Molinari as evidence for the vast right-wing conspiracy.

That's a great theory. Except there's one problem about this whole situation: no one give a shit.

The only thing giving this story legs is the fact that the right has nothing to pin on this guy (a centrist Democrat) and the Tea Party has a well-oiled phone bank and mailing campaign directed at the Staten Island Advance.

So a flap turns into flip; a conspiracy, to controversy. Everybody gets riled up and nothing gets done.

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  1. More liberal lies from our dumpy host. Your need only walk a street in one of Staten Island's heavily Jewish community's to find out that this is more than a flap or a flip and that in fact, McMahon has just sloughed off the most important part of his Democratic and independent swing vote with this silly Jewish list.

    Now back to liberal unreality and our host.