Friday, August 13, 2010

Horror shows and Headlocks

Dudes, there's so much rock tonight, as always we try to break it down, without any unfortunate metaphors.

Liedy's Shore Inn - legendary pub on Richmond Terrace. The Headlocks, the island's supergroup will hopefully be showcasing some of those new songs they played at The Cup last week. We love this place because - once an old-school drinking hole for sailors - they haven't upgraded the decor. Also playing, Jazz Funeral.

Cargo - Friday the 13th bash. Dress up like a character from a horror movie, win prizes, drink beer. Surf rockers Captain Ahab and the Sea Crackens play with Yellow Teeth, a reunited '90s punk rock band. $100 bar tab for best costume. Dave Elliot (sp) DJs.

Martini Red - Droning psychedelic rockers In Buenos Aires playing seven-minute songs with projections and all. There's another band playing, but in lieu of making terrible metaphors we'll just say they sound ok. This is a late-night show, for some reason - starting at midnight. Also, those in attendance won't be attacked by a giant jellyfish.

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