Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Same a-holes behind both the Midland Beach and Park51 mosque protests

Guess what! The same crackpot hate-monger who perpetuated this entire smear campaign against a community center near ground zero, was right here on Staten Island exploiting people's fears in Midland Beach.

A new piece on Salon.com details the rise of the faux-outrage against the fairly innocuous Muslim community center near ground zero.

The center is so innocuous, in fact, that FOX News' Laura Ingraham said the following about the proposed center to the Imam's wife, Daisy Khan, last December:

"I can't find many people who really have a problem with it... I like what you're trying to do."

But then all hell broke loose. But how?

It turns out that all this outrage and misinformation was planted by a right-wing hate-monger, then perpetuated by - big surprise - the NY Post and other Murdoch affiliates.

Of course, there are, as always, people with legitimate concerns, but it has become clear that their fears were exploited by a hate-filled conspiracy theorist who wants to raise her currency in the right-wing blogosphere.

That's right, Pamela Geller of the hate-site Stop Islamization of America fed this garbage about a 'ground zero mosque' to the idiot columnist Andrea Peyser - who then turned it into tabloid gold.

She is seen in the picture above at Midland Beach and in the video below her colleague Robert Spencer actually speaks at the meeting - spreading all kinds of nonsense about Hamas. (What the fuck does Hamas have to do with Staten Island?)

This outside infusion of hate was cast aside by the local rag:
"And judging from the protests we’ve seen in Midland Beach, there can be little doubt that there is actual grass-roots opposition to the mosque." -Advance
So spreading hate is OK by the Advance, as long as the locals approve.

- Why did we let these assholes come to Staten Island and spread propaganda about Muslims taking over the country?

- Why did a Staten Island civic association meeting turn into a pseudo-lynch mob of white people shouting down Muslims?

- How did Geller hijack our boro for her fringe conspiracy cause?

- Do Muslims have any rights on Staten Island?

- Why did the Advance so easily side with an these nutballs?


  1. what the fuck is the Park 51 mosque? are you on some one-man crusade to rename the whole story? It's Ground Zero Mosque. forever. faggot

  2. "And judging from the protests we’ve seen in Midland Beach, there can be little doubt that there is actual grass-roots opposition to the mosque." -Advance

    I think you're seriously misrepresenting the Advance.

    That's not spreading hate, that's sending up a warning flag.

  3. I think the gentleman used this forum - a local community meeting - to make a YouTube video for his extremist hate site. I don't think he gives a shit about Midland Beach or Staten Island, or whatever, he has an agenda and he shouldn't have been given this opportunity to spread propaganda and use this local issue as a backdrop for his fictitious narrative.