Monday, August 30, 2010

Filthy South Shore watering hole should close

As details emerge from this weekend's fatal car crash involving teenagers on the South Shore, we learned that the underage kids were drinking at a bar in a deserted strip mall - a shithole dive called The Clubhouse.

Police are reporting that the vehicle was carrying six passengers and a source told the Advance they were traveling "at least 90 mph" down Arthur Kill Road. (Is it possible to do 90 on Arthur Kill?)

It's a tragedy for the families and while the survivors (the two conscious ones) can shed some light on who is responsible for this tragedy they are giving police the silent treatment.

Some people need to take responsibility for this completely avoidable event - a mistake that killed two passengers and could have taken any other innocent victim in its way.

Part of the blame lay at this perennial college bar, one that serves to children who are too young and way too irresponsible to handle the repercussions and affects of an adult beverage.

Shut it down, people.

The Clubhouse
1547 Arthur Kill Road
Staten Island, NY 10301
(718) 227-7364


  1. I've been to that place. When I was there, there was a guy at the bar who was serving all his underage friends while they picked Avril Lavigne songs from the jukebox. True story.

  2. sounds about right

  3. Take a look around the Island and there are many places that sell out & serve to underage kids. Afternoone's, Bridge Tavern, Beer Goggles, Black Dog, Wild Goose, to name a few.