Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jersey blames us for their crappy show

The results are in.

A new Quinnipiac poll tackles the pressing concern about what state is to blame for this returning phenomenon as contagious as an unwanted STD - otherwise known as MTV's reality show 'Jersey Shore.'

One-third of New Jersey residents blame New York for these retarded misfits, and when they say 'New York' you know who they're talkin' about.

Also, more than half of the state finds the show revolting, which would make them about 50 percent right.

"Garden State voters don't like the show and believe it's bad for the state," said some guy in charge of the polling.

By our informal head count three members from this illustrious 'Jersey Shore' cast hail from Staten: Angelina, some douchebag, and some other douchbag.

But all this hard data left us with one burning question:

Why the effe did they conduct a poll on this? Isn't there other problems in this country that need to be addressed and analyzed by the Quinnipiac polling farm?


  1. Yeah, I'd like to know who funded the poll? Was this something paid for by the NJ Government to boost/improve perception of their gross shore? "These jerks are NOT from NJ! This poll proves it!" I'm sorry, there is a jerk factor that hails from EVERY area of the tri-state not just Staten Island.

  2. I was down there last weekend, there were drunk locals doin a pub crawl, actin like fools. the guidos were just standing around trying to look sexy.