Monday, August 9, 2010

Staten Islanders needs to stop blaring these songs out their car windows

Please, this madness has to stop.

It's coming on mid-August and the summer's been long, hot, and poorly soundtracked. Living on a busy intersection only amplifies these problems.

You see, everyone in Staten Island drives, which means that you hear the same crap coming out of people's car windows non-stop - like a 24/7 version of that scene in 'Clockwork Orange,'

Here are some candidates we'd like to see retired immediately:

Jay Z - Empire State of Mind

AAGH! Enough already with this fucking song. We know you were all hyped about Jay writing a song about New York, but that chorus by Alicia Keys is so engrained in our subconscious that we can't not sleep without 'concrete jungles' haunting our nightmares.

Lady Gaga - Pokerface

Really? Not even 'Bad Romance?' How old is this song already?

Drake - Fancy

We love Drake and all, but this song just blows. If y'all are tired of 'Over' can't you at least skip over to 'Karaoke' - that smooth, Lionel Richie-esque track that may also, possibly, get you laid.

Black Eyed Peas - Everything!

It's time to relegate this awful band to their rightful spot in the used bins of history. Ever since showed up as a hologram on CNN we feel the urge to hurl at the very first note of 'I Got A Feeling.'

Their are plenty of more offenders, these just came off the top of our heads. Feel free to add any worth mentioning.


  1. I say everything by Lady Gaga needs to be axed. Whether I hear Alejandro or Just Dance, my gut reaction is, "ugh, I heard it already." But yes, the same goes for many songs.
    I'm surprised more people don't blast satellite radio or ipods through their cars.

  2. Would like to add Katy Perry's California Girls to this list. Because the song inevitably makes me think of the video, which makes NO sense (naked Katy in Candyland & a song about, hello CALIFORNIA!)and also marks the advent of Snoops JUMP the SHARK moment of his career. Plus it's just plain dumb and annoying...

  3. totally forgot about that one. also hate it cause it reminds me of the 'staten island girls' whiny parody - which make me wanna shoot myself in the ear.