Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cab driver stabbed for being Muslim

All this heated rhetoric against Muslims has reached a confusing fever pitch, and it's not clear who is terrorizing whom.

Police say that a New York City cab driver was stabbed Monday night by a 21-year-old man who hailed the taxi and allegedly asked, "Are you Muslim?"

When the cab driver responded "Yes" the young (maniac? patriot?) proceeded to slash the gentleman's throat, arm, and lip.

More details will probably emerge from this incident but, as it stands, it looks as if the anti-mosque crowd may have taken a dangerous turn off the crazy cliff.

On Sunday, a guy was shouted down at the Park51 protest because, well, he looked like a Muslim (aka black and wearing skull cap).

Some of this misdirected hatred comes from Staten Island. We told you back in June about Jimmy Soprano. The Midland Beach debacle was aided and abetted by the 'no-comments' from local so-called leaders.

A lot of public officials and news outlets have went out of their way to feed this hatred (Molinaro, Fox News).

Here's what Molinaro wrote about the Park51 mosque:
"It's being put there as a symbol of what they did on 9/11."
Who the fuck are 'they'? The terrorists? The Sufi Muslims? Both? Either Molinaro is a callow idiot or he actually believes the diarrhea coming out of his mouth.

Instead of calling for understanding and reconciliation, the boro pres and others have helped spread this incorrect narrative that the downtown mosque two blocks from ground zero is some sort of tribute to the terrorists -- it's not.

The mosque is run by moderate Sufi Muslims who have been working to integrate Islam with American culture. The Imam worked closely with the Bush Administration on these very issues. Many people are avoiding these facts to exploit the situation for political gain. And it should stop, before more people get hurt.

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