Sunday, August 8, 2010

Jersey Shore's Snooki to pen dictionary for guidos, guidettes

Now anyone can speak like a drunk Italian midget.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that Jersey Shore's biggest train wreck is writing a 'Snooktionary' - an epic tome that will explain the various euphemisms and slang terms of your favorite Italian-American stereotypes.

We are not sure what Snooki - or her ghost writer - will include in the 'Snooktionary,' but here are some suggestions.

Skeeve (verb) - to have an aversion or disgust at something. ie. I skeeve the Jersey Shore cast.

Bangin' (adj.) - exceptional, superior ie. That new Lady Gaga song is bangin'

Gobbagool (noun) - an iteration of the Italian cured meat capicola

Gawd (noun) - Supreme being

In addition Snooki said that while she would enjoy doing 'Jersey Shore' forever, she would like to work with animals in the future.

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