Monday, August 23, 2010

What happens when a black guy tries to join the mosque protest?

More than 1,000 patriots settled into lower Manhattan yesterday morning to oppose the building of a Muslim YMCA two blocks away from ground zero.

We're sure Sunday's protest was attended by some well-intentioned people who have legitimate concerns.

But the lynch mob protest turned ugly when a black guy tried to join in on all the fun.

Someone even took video of the whole adventure.

The gentleman, who happens to be a carpenter working at ground zero, walks into the frame to the immediate disapproval of the swarm of white people shouting at him.

The audio is not clear, but you can hear him saying, "I'm not even Muslim."

It's possible that a skull cap and multi-colored necklace are also not allowed two blocks away from ground zero. Has this man any decency?

Video after jump:

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