Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mike Grimm keeps pimpin out the Marines, FBI

In an effort to out-America his opponents Mike Grimm has drawn on his experience in the FBI and US Marines as evidence.

In ads he is seen decked out in camouflage and flashing his FBI agent badge.

The only problem is that using these images in campaign literature and advertising is not kosher with the agencies, mostly because it implies a tacit endorsement.

"We would definitely consider that an inappropriate use," an FBI spokesman told the Daily News about the TV ad.

On the web, Grimm is seen decked out but does not show a disclaimer that the Marines don't endorse the candidate.

"The Web ad is not okay," said Marine Corps Capt. Brian Block.

Maybe Grimm could cite the work he's done for the locals on Staten Island - wait, has he done anything for Staten Island?

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