Thursday, August 12, 2010

Guess what boros oppose the ground zero mosque

C'mon, take a guess.

A Marist poll released yesterday outlines the support/oppose positions of various demographics when comes to the ground zero mosque, er... Park51 Community Center.

The layout is predictable: 74% of Republicans oppose, 71% of Jews oppose, also White Catholics oppose 74%.

In fact, the only category in favor of the Islamic Comnunity Center is Manhattanites -- 53% in favor to o 31% oppose.

That's a pretty wide margin, especially for the people who may actually benefit from this multi-million dollar center, which is modeled after the uptown YMCA, and will be run by an extremely liberal strain of Sufi Muslims who have also, coincidentally, worked in the past on spreading moderate Islam and promoting women's rights throughout the world.

But enough of that factual shit - 9/11!! Terrorists!! Sharia Law!! Hummus!

When the Marist poll breaks it down by boro the opposition goes heavily against the community center in, you guessed it, Staten Island.

The poll shows 28 % in favor and 60 % oppose in Queens and Staten Island (guess we weren't good enough to have our own category - prolly better off it woulda been worse.)

This all begs the question: How would Midland Beach feel if people outside their neighborhood were imposing their opinions and beliefs on the issue of whether a mosque should be erected at their precious, vacated former convent?

It's not a Staten Island issue. It's two blocks from 'ground zero.' And it's not a mosque, it's a multi-facted center that will serve the entire community.

You've got your mosque-free Midland Beach, Staten Island. Maybe you should just shut up and let a local issue be decided the way yours was - a vote by a local decision making body.

Take your Gadsden flag, and shove it up your ass.

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