Friday, August 27, 2010

Staten Island needs more Scott Stringer, less Archie Bunker

Unlike the fossilized goon we have in boro hall, Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer can address a complex issue without insulting innocent bystanders.

Stringer recently went on Fox News to discuss some of the 'August crazy' stories with opportunist flip-flopper Laura Ingraham -- and the debated got real heated, real fast.

"This is your Tea Party friends trying to create an election year issue, and we all know it," Stringer says with a zen-like calm that is unmatched on America's favorite hate channel.

One interesting piece of the convo was how Laura Ingraham completely dismisses the Muslim cab driver story after it's brought up by Stringer.

Now, as Ingraham rightfully says, we "don't know all the facts" but let's do an experiment on this one:

This is a channel that hypes non-stories of Black Panthers, helped Shirley Sherrod get fired, and insists that the President is a black supremacist.

Imagine that it was a Muslim immigrant who slashed an innocent college boy because, well, he's white and 'American.' Do you really think Fox News would let a story like this go, because they "don't know all the facts"??

The reason Ingraham dismisses the story is because it doesn't fit into her already-determined narrative of Fox's alternate reality. Which is, mainly, that the country is being destroyed by liberals and immigrants who need to 'assimilate' into the white, Judeo-Christian culture.

Ingraham then devolves into talking points and eventually insults Stringer about his 'line', but it's clear that this guy is on top of his game.

Scott Stringer can discusses this complex issue with both zeal and an empathetic tone that we'll never see out of our own boro pres, a person who represents, not the entire borough, but the overwhelmingly white suburbanites on the southern shores.

Staten Island is changing, and Molinaro is Archie Bunker deriding his 'new' neighbors on the North Shore. Unfortunately, for the beep, we are moving forward with or without him.

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