Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bulldozers loom over Cedar Grove

The residents of Cedar Grove Beach Club near New Dorp have six weeks left before the city kicks them out on the street so they can build some sort of crappy beachside park in its place.

Thankfully Cedar Grove has some high-profile local politicians on their side, but it remains to be seen if their action will be enough to save the beleaguered bungalows.

Today Congressman Mike McMahon, Councilman James Oddo, and others pleaded with Mayor Bloomberg to leave those people and their cozy cottages alone:

"The clock is ticking on this and the Cedar Grove residents need [Mayor Bloomberg] to interject his common-sense approach sooner rather than later,” McMahon said in a press release.

The Beach Club is battling the city who currently owns the property. It was ceased during the reign of Robert Moses in the 1950s with the intent of building a highway on the shoreline.

The highway was never built, like a lot of Moses projects, and the property was leased with the understanding that it could be taken back at any time, and apparently that time has come.

Parks commissioner Adrian Benepe said the city will destroy all but two bungalows, which will serve as a snack shack or something.

McMahon and others have called for landmark status for the historic community.

You can visit the Cedar Grove Beach Club Facebook page here.

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