Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weezer tries to bring back the 'Memories'

Weezer sure takes the cake when it comes to ridiculous album covers.

The band released their new song and LOST-themed 'Hurley' cover art, in yet another attempt to grab that mid-'90s magic.

Except this time, in 2010, they may be closer then ever to that glorious decade.

Somewhere around 'Island in the Sun' Weezer had become a faint ghost of what they once were. And sometimes, it seemed, the band was playing characters of themselves, like a tribute band - but a tribute to Weezer.

The last effort, 'Raditude,' made the meme rounds with a similar combo of name/silly cover art, and they may have upped the anti here with 'Hurley.'

'Memories,' our first peak at the new album, is much of what it's moniker promises - filling us with visions of hacky sacks and a time when 'Audioslave was still Rage' Against the Machine. We have to agree: those were better times.

There are a lot of haters when it comes to Weezer. There's also a lot of people who say the haters are whiny, old complainers. You can listen below and decide for yourself.

Weezer - Memories by Hypetrak

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