Monday, August 2, 2010

Good Luck finding Staten Island's Nike Air Force 1 sneakers on Staten Island

Staten Island usually gets the short end of the stick and, more often than not, is beaten with it.

So we were excited to hear that Nike included the forgotten borough in their exclusive series of NYC's Air Force 1 sneakers.

Unfortunately though, the sneakers are so exclusive that they're hard to find at the Island's premier shopping establishment: The Staten Island Mall.

The Dump made some calls.

Foot Locker: 'We never got them.'

-Will you get them in the future?  'No. That's a limited edition.'

Journey's: 'No, we're not that exclusive. '

- Has anyone been requesting them: 'Not at all.'

Finish Line: 'No, we don't have those.'

- Anyone asking for them? 'We got a couple phone calls, but we are not receiving them.'

OK, so it's not looking good at the Mall.  How about Modell's?

Modell's: 'I don't know. What do they look like?'

Orange swoosh, Staten Island on the laces and in the sole.

'I really, really have no clue.'

Well, you CAN get them on eBay for a cool $179.99 if you act and 'buy now.'

But, all and all, this marketing campaign is a huge improvement over past ones like Staten Island Landfill Ice Cream, even if you can't actually buy the damn things.