Wednesday, August 18, 2010

9/11 'Postcards' monument not vandalized


Looks like those granite slabs that were thought to be ripped off the 9/11 'Postcards' memorial in an act of vandalism, were actually just part of repairs to the monument by the city.

The slots, some now empty, are meant to carry the names of the deceased.

They are being fixed because a homeless crackhead lady hit them with a pipe a while back. And with the 9/11 anniversary coming up, the city thought it might be a good idea to replace them.

"I jumped the gun," Boro President James Molinaro told the Advance. "We all thought it was vandalism."

It seems the Advance jumped the gun also, by snidely insinuating that it could have something to do with the current controversy surrounding the mosque in lower Manhattan.

While Molinaro said he didn’t think the vandalism was associated with the mosque controversy, “one thing piles upon another,” he said.
"But with the current climate with the proposed building of the mosque near Ground Zero creating additional tensions between so many groups, anything is possible." 
- some other guy 
Anything is possible? It's possible that monkeys might fly out my ass-crack, but I'm not gonna write a story about it. Nice attempt at finding a scapegoat.


  1. stupid grown-ups.

  2. May this glorious, giant labia forever stand majestically and be kissed by the harbor winds.