Thursday, August 26, 2010

Drunk guy terrorizes mosque

Really, people? C'mon.

A man terrorized a group of Muslims trying to pray in a Queens mosque last night.

The details are horrific, and embarrassing. As raunchy as this blog can get we won't even re-print them. You can read it here and here if you want.

Point is: enough is enough.

This disturbing information comes on these heels of yesterday's horrific attack on a cab driver and - as mosque haters tried to run from this guy ('he's a left-winger!') - we learn that the attacker actually had a diary with "pretty strong anti-Muslim comments."

This is hatred, plain and simple, boiling over, aided and abetted by those who want to cast this as a 'save America' issue.

It's curious that none of the high-profile politicians who are against the Park51 mosque have come out to say that these actions are, well, hate crimes and terrorism against innocent American citizens of a certain faith.

The whole issue is driven by emotion and not rational arguments or actual facts, and it's time the local 'leaders' try to put some sense and perspective on this.

But then again, Molinaro is too busy have a fake fight with Nancy Pelosi.


  1. Just started reading your blog- very interesting.

    This islamaphobic movement is sickening. Every story I read makes me angrier. THIS is where hate comes from. If we keep this up, as a country, we shouldn't be surprised when another attack happens.

    Thanks for your insights.

  2. Of coursethe Muslims called 911... Don't u see the connection?.. They're trying to stick it in our face!!